Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind is a fully residential University and all registered students may reside in the hostels. The Hostel provides an ideal place with a disciplined, healthy and congenial atmosphere for peaceful stay and study. To the residents, it is a home away from home, hence they should consider themselves as belonging to one family and treat one another in a friendly and courteous manner. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with amenities such as common room, indoor games room and a spacious dining area etc. The facilities  available in hostel are given below : 


           Hostel Contact No. - 

                                 1. Dr. Sonu                     - Chief Warden              - 01681-241026

                                 2. Dr. Jasvir Singh         - Warden Boys Hostel   - 9466778222

                                 3. Ms. Pallavi                - Warden Girl Hostel     -

                                 4. Mrs. Sunita               -  Clerk                           -

                                 5. Mrs. Neelam             - Attendant                     - 8689008840

                                 6. Mrs. Meena               - Attendant                    - 9053113960

                                 7. Mrs. Heema              - Attendant                    - 8708057235