Department Designation Email Id Telephone Number  STD Code 01681
Faculty of Commerce & Management
Prof. S.K. Sinha Professor   01681-241018
Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Associate  Professor   01681-241018
Faculty of Education
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Professor   01681-241023
Faculty of Humanities
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran Associate  Professor   01681-241020
Faculty of Indic Studies
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran Associate Professor   01681-241020
Faculty of Physical Sciences
Dr. Anand Kumar Professor   01681-241031
Name of Employee Designation  Email ID  Telephone Number  STD Code 01681
Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Prof. (Dr.) R.B. Solanki Vice- Chancellor    01681-254569
Sh. Suresh Kumar Private Secretary to Vice- Chancellor     01681-241000, 11
Registrar’s Office
Prof. Rajesh Punia Registrar   01681-241001
Mr. Udham Singh P.A. to Registrar (O)   01681-241004
Dean, Academic Affairs
Prof. S.K.Sinha Dean   01681-241031
Colleges Branch
Dr. Anand Kumar Dean of Colleges   01681 -241031
Ms. Seema Rani
Assistant Registrar   01681 -241031
Examination Branch
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Bansal Controller of Examination   01681-241043
Mrs. Kusum Yadav Superintendent    01681-241003
Sh. Ram Mohan Assistant   01681-241003
Dean, Students Welfare Office
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran, Associate  Professor Dean   01681-241023
Directorate of Youth Welfare
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran, Associate  Professor Director   01681-241020
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Proctor   01681-241023
Accounts Branch
Sh. Rajesh Kumar
Finance Officer   01681-241017
Sh. Nirbhay Kumar Assistant   01681-241017
Sports Council
Dr. Naresh Deswal Secretary   01681-241040
Registration & Scholarship Branch
Dr. Satyavir Singh Deputy Registrar
Sh. Nirbhay Kumar Assistant   01681-241032
Establishment Branch
Sh. Anoop Singh Assistant Registrar   01681-241002
Sh. Sunil Kumar Dy. Supdt.   01681-241002
Academic Branch
Dr. Satyavir Singh
Deputy Registrar   01681-241027
Construction Branch
Mr. Lalit Kumar S.D.O. (Civil)   -
General & Purchase Branch
Sh. Neeraj Singh Assistant Registrar   01681-241019,52
Public Relations Office
Dr. Ajmer Singh DPRO    01681-241013
Dr. Anupam Bhatia Public Relation Officer    01681-241013
Central Purchase Committee
Prof. Rajesh Punia Convenor   01681-241031
University Computer & Informatics Centre
Dr. Amit Kumar System Analyst   01681-241008
Prof. S.K.Sinha Librarian (Offg.)   01681-241028
Dr. Anil Kumar Assistant Librarian   01681-241028
IQAC Office
Prof. Rajesh Punia Director   01681-241031
Girls Hostel 
 Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chief Warden   01681-241026
Ms. Suman Punia Warden   01681-241026
Boys Hostel 
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chief Warden    
Dr. Jasvir Sura,  Assistant  Professor
Warden   01681-241014
Security Office
Dr. Anil Kumar Chief Security Officer   01681-241041,42
Sh. Dharmbir
Security Officer (O)   01681-241041,42
Ms. Seema Rani Transport Officer   01681-241019
Social Media
Dr. Amit Kumar System Analyst   01681-241013
Women Cell
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran  Chairperson   01681-241020
NSS Unit
Dr. Jitender Kumar Program Coordinator   01681-241006
Yoga Cell
Mr. Virender Kumar Member   01681-241005
Equal Opportunity Cell
Prof. S.K. Sinha Convener   01681-241031
Career & Counselling Cell
Ms. Alka Seth Convener     01681-
SC/ST Cell/Reservation Cell
Dr. Shiv Kumar Coordinator   01681-241013
RTI Office
Prof. S.K.Sinha First Appellate Authority   01681-241031
Training and Placement Office
Prof. S.K. Sinha Convener   01681-241031,18
RUSA Office
Prof. S.K. Sinha Director   01681-241031
Research Cell
Prof. Sandeep Berwal Dean, Research   01681-241031
Vigilance Cell
Prof. S.K. Sinha Officer   01681-241031
E-Procurement Cell
Dr. Jasvir Singh Nodal Officer    
Horticulture Office
Dr. Anil Kumar Chief Horticulture Officer    
Sh. Arvind Kumar J.E    
Admission Helpline Desk-
  • Dr. Ajmer Singh
  • Dr. Anil Kumar
  • Dr. Amit Kumar
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Librarian
  • System Analyst (UCIC)


  (For B. Ed. Admission)


01681-241033 (For Admission); 9416518263; 8860551723; 7376949150; 9992738284; 8295445800

Department of Commerce
Prof. S.K.Sinha Chairperson   01681-241031,09
Department of Computer Science & Applications
Dr. Anupam Bhatia Chairperson   01681-241006
Department of Economics
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chairperson   01681-
Department of Education
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Chairperson   01681-241023
Department of English
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran, Associate  Professor Chairperson   01681-241020
Department of History, Culture and Archaeology
Dr. Jasvir Singh Chairperson   01681-241031
Department of Psychology
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chairperson   01681-241020
Department of Management
Prof. S.K. Sinha Chairperson   01681-241031,18
Department of Mass Communication
Prof. S.K. Sinha Chairperson   01681-241013, 31
Department of Geography
Dr. Vishal Verma Chairperson   01681-241023
Department of Mathematics
Dr. Anupam Bhatia Chairperson   01681-241006
Department of Music & Dance
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran Chairperson   01681-241020
Department of Physical Education
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Chairperson   01681-241005
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Vishal Verma Chairperson   01681-241006
Department of Physics
Dr. Anand Kumar Chairperson   01681-241031
Department of Yoga Science
Dr. Ajmer Singh Chairperson   01681-241018, 05