Department Designation Email Id Telephone Number/Intercom Number
Faculty of Commerce & Management
Prof. S.K. Sinha Professor   01681-241018
Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Associate  Professor   1075
Faculty of Education
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Associate Professor   01681-241005
Faculty of Humanities
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran Associate  Professor   01681-241050
Faculty of Indic Studies
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran Associate Professor   01681-241050
Faculty of Physical Sciences
Dr. Anand Kumar Associate Professor   01681-241030
Name of Employee Designation  Email ID  Telephone Number/Intercom Number
Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva Vice- Chancellor    01681-254569
Sh. Suresh Kumar Private Secretary to Vice- Chancellor     01681-241000, 11
Registrar’s Office
  Registrar   01681-241001
Mr. Udham Singh P.A. to Registrar (O)   01681-241004
Dean, Academic Affairs
Prof. S.K.Sinha Dean   01681-241031
Colleges Branch
Dr. Anand Kumar Dean of Colleges   01681 -241030
Ms. Seema Rani
Assistant Registrar   01681 -241031
Examination Branch
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Bansal Controller of Examination   01681-241043
Mrs. Kusum Yadav Superintendent    01681-241003
Sh. Ram Mohan Assistant   1113
Dean, Students Welfare Office
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran, Associate  Professor Dean   1096
Directorate of Youth Welfare
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran, Associate  Professor Director   1096
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Proctor   01681-241005
Accounts Branch
Sh. Satish Gupta
Finance Officer   01681-241020
Sh. Nirbhay Kumar Assistant   01681-241017
Sports Council
Dr. Naresh Deswal Secretary   01681-241040
Registration & Scholarship Branch
Dr. Vijay Kumar OSD   01681-241032, 58, 69
Sh. Nirbhay Kumar Assistant   09654040117
Establishment Branch
Sh. Anoop Singh Assistant Registrar   01681-241038
Sh. Sunil Kumar Dy. Supdt.   01681-241002
Academic Branch
Dr. Satyavir Singh
Deputy Registrar   01681, 27
Construction Branch
Mr. Lalit Kumar S.D.O. (Civil)   1101
General & Purchase Branch
Dr. Neeraj Singh Assistant Registrar   01681-241034
Public Relations Office
Dr. Ajmer Singh DPRO    01681-241013
Dr. Anupam Bhatia Public Relation Officer    01681-241013
University Computer & Informatics Centre
Dr. Amit Kumar System Analyst   01681-241008, 21
Prof. S.K.Sinha Librarian (Offg.)   01681-241028
Dr. Anil Kumar Assistant Librarian   01681-241044
IQAC Office
  Director   1106
Girls Hostel 
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chief Warden   01681-241026
Ms. Suman Punia Warden   1109
Boys Hostel 
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chief Warden   1108
Dr. Jasvir Sura,  Associate Professor
Warden   01681-241014
Security Office
Dr. Anil Kumar Chief Security Officer   01681-241041,42
Sh. Dharmbir
Security Officer (O)   01681-241041,42
Ms. Seema Rani Transport Officer   01681-241031
Social Media
Dr. Amit Kumar System Analyst   01681-241008
Women Cell
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran  Chairperson   01681-241050
NSS Unit
Dr. Jitender Kumar Program Coordinator   01681-241061
Yoga Cell
Mr. Virender Kumar Member   1093
Equal Opportunity Cell
Prof. S.K. Sinha Convener   01681-241018
Career & Counselling Cell
Ms. Alka Seth Convener    01681-241059
SC/ST Cell/Reservation Cell
Dr. Shiv Kumar Coordinator   01681-241060
RTI Office
Prof. S.K.Sinha First Appellate Authority   01681-241018
Training and Placement Office
Prof. S.K. Sinha Convener   01681-241018
RUSA Office
Prof. S.K. Sinha Director   01681-241018
Research Cell
Prof. S.K.Sinha Dean, Research   01681-241018
Vigilance Cell
Prof. S.K. Sinha Officer   01681-241018
E-Procurement Cell
Dr. Jasvir Singh Nodal Officer    01681-241014
Horticulture Office
Dr. Anil Kumar Chief Horticulture Officer    01681-241044
Sh. Arvind Kumar J.E    1102
Admission Helpline Desk-
  • Dr. Ajmer Singh
  • Dr. Anil Kumar
  • Dr. Amit Kumar
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Librarian
  • System Analyst (UCIC)


01681-241028, 01681-241058

01681-241033 (For Admission); 9416518263; 7376949150; 9992738284; 8295445800

Department of Commerce
Prof. S.K.Sinha Chairperson   01681-241018, 09
Department of Computer Science & Applications
Dr. Anupam Bhatia Chairperson   01681-241063
Department of Economics
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chairperson   1075
Department of Education
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Chairperson   01681-241005, 23
Department of English
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran, Associate  Professor Chairperson   01681-241050
Department of History, Culture and Archaeology
Dr. Ajmer Singh Chairperson   1074
Department of Psychology
Dr. Sunil Kumar Phougat Chairperson   01681-241020, 59
Department of Management
Prof. S.K. Sinha Chairperson   01681-241018, 14
Department of Mass Communication
Prof. S.K. Sinha Chairperson   01681-241013, 18
Department of Geography
Dr. Vishal Verma Chairperson   01681-241064
Department of Mathematics
Dr. Anupam Bhatia Chairperson   01681-241063
Department of Music & Dance
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran Chairperson   01681-241020
Department of Physical Education
Dr. Kuldeep Nara Chairperson   01681-241005
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Vishal Verma Chairperson   01681-241064, 53, 54
Department of Physics
Dr. Anand Kumar Chairperson   01681-241030, 48, 49
Department of Yoga Science
Dr. Ajmer Singh Chairperson   1074