The acquisition of skills through study, experience, or being taught.

A full development of students is a responsibility of the parents, teacher and their guardian.The university is organized expert’s lectures from time to time different programs for the students.

  • Cyber crime
  • Personality developments
  • Character building
  • Mock Interview
  • Role of Media in the 21st Century
  • National Security and Youth
  • Computer Training

Functions and Events

University is not only an place for  education but, it is also a place where student learn the value of celebration, society and unity To make student aware of these facts there are so many functions re organizes into there are so many functions are organized in the university from time to time. There care festivals celebrated from time to time. There are festivals celebrated like Lodi, holietc for sharing then and happiness with each other. Talents search competition, declamation competition, Yoga workshop, search competition, declamation Intra University so that students can identify the hidden talents within them.  National and International seminars organized in the university from time to time to gain an experience to participate in the enlarge scale program and experience the high level competition and gain knowledge. To make them the importance and aware them importance of good health; there is an HB checkups organizes by the university under the supervision of Dr. Ramesh Sangwan.  He guides them about the balanced diet as well as for the health maintenance. The camp are organized for the students participation in the camp as well as in the management like mega blood donation camp, mega Yoga workshop, Book workshop so that they can develop management skills. The main events organized


The library is a milestone for all educational institutes in the universe. In the library, books for different streams, magazines and English and Hindi newspaper, Internet facilities, Wi-Fi facilities are available for the students. Students can study and read books in the calm and peaceful environment of the library. Kiosk system also installed for the convenience of the students as well as the faculty members.

  • The library has a rich collection of about 10000 volumes of books, International and National Referred Research Journals, periodicals, reports and reference material.
  • Free Internet access facility and Wi-Fi facilities are also available.
  • Separate research center subscribes to major technical journals, magazines & newspapers.
  • Various CD-ROMs and Video Cassettes available for reference.
  • Kiosk system also installed for the quick search.
  • Xerox facility available for students and teachers

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